I told you a few days ago about my new breakfast obsession and how much I’m loving my Quaker overnight oats, especially as they’ve single handedly allowed me to spend more time in my beloved garden!

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing and what I’ve learnt, while having this extra time to potter about the garden… I am a total beginner and still have lots to learn, but here are my top three tips that I’ve discovered as a new gardener with a few minutes each day…

This post is in partnership with Quaker

I used to look at the garden and see an insurmountable challenge, that would take me hours… so what was the point in even starting? Nope – just 10 mins each day has already made a massive difference, and I really look forward to pottering about outside each morning.

You can lose hours and hours gazing at picture perfect gardens on Pinterest, but if you’re like me, that will do the opposite of motivating you. I’ve taken to picking smaller goals. I’m currently trying to grow a couple of things I can eat (strawberries & peppermint) and I’m enjoying giving this a go. It takes patience, but as my garden grows, so does my knowledge ;)   

You’ll be amazed at how cheap plants are at your local supermarket. Garden centres can be pretty overwhelming, so instead I headed to my local supermarket and picked up some geraniums for less than £2 while I picked up some Quaker oats – instant colour for Summer.   

So there you have it – I am no Alan Titchmarsh, but thanks to Quaker, I’m on my way to creating my own magical haven, full of colour, bees and butterflies.

Thank you Quaker Oats UK! Those overnight oats have changed my life in more ways than one…  

As you can see, the beautifully designed MissPrint jar I have used is gorgeous and the good news is that Quaker are giving them away for FREE when you purchase a 1KG box of their traditional oats. ALSO, I’m running a competition where you can win 5 of these gorgeous jars! You can enter over here.