A few nights ago, LM and I hopped on the train to Stoke Newington for a spot of supper at The Lacy Nook. I’d heard great things about this friends-run restaurant, so was very keen to try it for myself. And I was in no way disappointed. In fact, all my expectations were surpassed. And then some. And then some more.

Elena and Jana are two pals from Macedonia, whose philosophy is all about sharing moments with your friends and loved ones. Having travelled the world themselves, they felt that London needed an exciting space for the community to create these everlasting, fun memories, and thus The Lacy Nook was born.        

They combine Balkan cooking with Asian and Middle Eastern hints and flavours, with the results being extraordinarily delicious food, intense, all consuming aromas and tastes, and lots and lots of vibrant, colourful ingredients.

They have recently launched their Sunday Balkan Barbecues and I word on the street is that they also serve up a mean brunch too.

It’s the perfect neighbourhood restaurant – laid back, sensational food, inexpensive and a happy place to go.

And do go – they’ll be ever so pleased to see you.

And order everything.

And invite me.

Thank you.